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Our Partners

We represent primarily European-based, Nonwoven, Synthetic Fiber, and Perforating machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also serve the NAFTA countries and maintain a spare parts inventory for many of the companies we represent and offer an extensive spare parts sourcing program for industry related European-made equipment.
Fiber Cutters, Tension Stands & Cutter Reels - Cutting Exact Lengths from Fiber to Fiber



TRÜTZSCHLER MAN-MADE FIBERS staple fiber cutting machines work on the well-established rotating-cutting principle. The machines are characterized by their sturdy design, precise cutting lengths and a wide field of applications.

Other features are:

  • Different versions of tension stands depending on process
  • Controlled tow pressure on knives
  • Cutting reel diameters available in 450, 600, 850 and 1200mm
  • Cutting reel tailored to specified cutting length, vario cut also possible
  • Active blade length up to 140mm for tow sizes > 5 million denier 
  • Minimum cutting length 4mm for short cut fibers
  • Semi-automatic cutting reel exchange as an option